Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Working Girl, part deux

I have finished (hopefully successfully) my first week of work at Nordstrom's and I STILL LOVE THAT STORE...and my job...

In fact, I should be receiving my first paycheck pretty soon - which means that the only problem will be making sure that the paycheck actually goes towards saving for the future and not towards all of the beautiful clothes and shoes and accessories and purses...oh dear...I can see already that this might be a problem. The consequences of working at your favorite place to shop...

For some reason, I thought that working retail would take the magic out of shopping - or at least make me not want to shop as much. But alas, this job has done the complete opposite: I'm surrounded by millions of potential outfits! It's like being a kid in a candy store!

BUT at least I'll get to use my employee discount, which means that I will come out somewhat ahead...and really, since I spend eight hours a day racking and organizing and making outfits with all the lovely merchandise in the BP, it's only natural that I'd want to SHOP for all those clothes! I resolve to be prudent...however, what should my first purchase be? A new black maxi skirt to be worn with a boxy crop top? Or splurging on a pair of Revas? 

The job has also reassured me that this is what I want to write about in the future: style and seeing the art form of fashion and the social and cultural weight of what we wear. People often dismiss fashion as frivolity - but in the larger scope, fashion is an integral part of who we are and how we identify ourselves. It's limitless and multi-faceted and unique to each individual. It's a daily visual of our society whether we are aware of it or not. - C

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  1. I just started working at Nordys too! I work in At Home, though. I totally understand the kid in the candy store feeling-- it's pretty great! Love your last paragraph. I think it's something all too often undermined!

    You can't go wrong with the Revas, by the way... ;)