Saturday, May 28, 2011

Half-yearly sales ALWAYS have happy endings

Half-yearly sales always have happy endings - case in point: the latest additions to my shoe family! It's my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes and I love them! The photo above doesn't really do these shoes justice; Jennifer was the photographer, the camera was temperamental (not including the fact that we used a point-and-shoot instead of an SLR), and the lighting was meh...which means that we have 1. a picture that doesn't show just how adorably cute my new shoes are or 2. a picture that looks like a hipster took it. Since Jenny is the farthest thing from a hipster, I think it's safe to conclude that we're just bloggers who, unlike Rumi Neely and her photographer/S.O. Colin, are seriously challenged when it comes to producing original images or having people who are skilled in that department and willing to help us. Anyways, I've decided to show these lovely pumps in all their lovely, professionally photographed glory here, thanks to the Nordstrom website. - C
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