Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Working Girl, part deux

I have finished (hopefully successfully) my first week of work at Nordstrom's and I STILL LOVE THAT STORE...and my job...

In fact, I should be receiving my first paycheck pretty soon - which means that the only problem will be making sure that the paycheck actually goes towards saving for the future and not towards all of the beautiful clothes and shoes and accessories and purses...oh dear...I can see already that this might be a problem. The consequences of working at your favorite place to shop...

For some reason, I thought that working retail would take the magic out of shopping - or at least make me not want to shop as much. But alas, this job has done the complete opposite: I'm surrounded by millions of potential outfits! It's like being a kid in a candy store!

BUT at least I'll get to use my employee discount, which means that I will come out somewhat ahead...and really, since I spend eight hours a day racking and organizing and making outfits with all the lovely merchandise in the BP, it's only natural that I'd want to SHOP for all those clothes! I resolve to be prudent...however, what should my first purchase be? A new black maxi skirt to be worn with a boxy crop top? Or splurging on a pair of Revas? 

The job has also reassured me that this is what I want to write about in the future: style and seeing the art form of fashion and the social and cultural weight of what we wear. People often dismiss fashion as frivolity - but in the larger scope, fashion is an integral part of who we are and how we identify ourselves. It's limitless and multi-faceted and unique to each individual. It's a daily visual of our society whether we are aware of it or not. - C

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Half-yearly sales ALWAYS have happy endings

Half-yearly sales always have happy endings - case in point: the latest additions to my shoe family! It's my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes and I love them! The photo above doesn't really do these shoes justice; Jennifer was the photographer, the camera was temperamental (not including the fact that we used a point-and-shoot instead of an SLR), and the lighting was meh...which means that we have 1. a picture that doesn't show just how adorably cute my new shoes are or 2. a picture that looks like a hipster took it. Since Jenny is the farthest thing from a hipster, I think it's safe to conclude that we're just bloggers who, unlike Rumi Neely and her photographer/S.O. Colin, are seriously challenged when it comes to producing original images or having people who are skilled in that department and willing to help us. Anyways, I've decided to show these lovely pumps in all their lovely, professionally photographed glory here, thanks to the Nordstrom website. - C
image from: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/jeffrey-campbell-situation-pump/3198186?origin=PredictiveSearch&resultback=1645 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy, happy, happy!

After three interviews, numerous phone calls, and an application process that started this March, I am happy to announce that I will be starting work at Nordstrom's this summer! I'll be working in the Brass Plum section (which is where I spend most of my time anyways...) and I'm eagerly anticipating the challenges that this new adventure will bring. Besides, a summer job at Nordstrom's can only bring good things - this is Nordstrom's, after all. Now the only problem will be ensuring that I don't spend all my paychecks on the merchandise...oh, and making my commission quota -  which means that everybody should visit me when they go shopping at the BP in Nordy's!

But before I begin my job, I have a little time to enjoy some summer laziness, which I will be indulging in tomorrow with Jenny! We've got a day planned that begins with a little trip to our favorite place in the whole world (or at the very least, our favorite shopping haven from the mean reds) to partake of half-yearly sale loveliness! We'll keep you posted about the bargains we find! - C

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Working Girl?

image from http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=185468578149132&set=a.151144484914875.25121.151124571583533&type=1&theater

Apologies for not posting in nearly a month - Jenny and I are college students, and when the going gets tough, the tough hit the books and study, study, study! They may also resort to online shopping in the early morning hours...but that's another story for another time. Thankfully, school's out now and summer brings sunshine, breakfasts at Nordstrom's for us, and....possibly a job at Nordstrom's?

One would hope so. Today, I had an interview for a job at my local Nordstrom's, where I told them all about my deep love and devotion for their fabulous store and my longtime loyalty to their shoe department, among other things (my very first pair of shoes came from Nordy's children's shoes department - I mean, really, my mother shouldn't be dismayed with my affinity for Nordstrom's, since she obviously encouraged and fostered this obsession in me from an early age).

Of course, I'd LOVE to work at Nordstrom's, that venerable place of sartorial happiness that can cure even the meanest of the mean reds - but do they want me? Meeps! I let them know that being the slightly competitive person that I am, I'd be a prime candidate for the commission-based work environment. However, despite being rather competitive, I can also still play nice with the other kids (a.k.a. fellow employees), and that more importantly, I have an obsession with their store, to the point that I have a BLOG named after it! 

In a week, I'll know whether or not I got the job. Time will tell. There are pros and cons to either outcome; if I get the job, I'll get to experience the shopping environment at Nordy's from the other side! Also, I'll get to spend oodles of time at one of my favorite places ever. However, it might also show me the dark side of retail therapy - I might even - gasp - grow tired of Nordstrom's! On the other hand, if I don't get a job at Nordstrom's, I won't have a job - which would be very, very nice, considering the costs of being a college student. I did realize, however, that if they don't give me the job, Jennifer and I will be able to wake up at the crack of dawn and snatch all the amazing deals at half-yearly, as opposed to me having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to work the half-yearly sale...

My mother also pointed out that even if I did get the job at Nordstrom's, I'd probably still love the store and I'd just spend most of my paycheck buying the clothes. Touché. Mother always knows best. First thing I'm investing in as either a celebratory OR consolation prize is a boxy top, like this pretty one from Joie:
Image from www.nordstrom.com

 I can just imagine it dressed up with a pencil skirt or worn casually with some high-waisted denim shorts - so hipster chic! - C

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Unforgettable in Every Way.

In every way, 
And forever more 
That's how you'll stay."  
- "Unforgettable," Nat King Cole.  

Evening dresses are so memorable, because the dresses have such class. Now, my memory is good, but remembering who wore what to the Oscars is not something I can exactly remember for the rest of my life. However, there have been dresses that I have remembered and loved for a long time, and I am sure I will probably never forget. I thought that I would share with you dresses that have been memorable in my own opinion. If you have a most memorable dress moment, share a picture of the dress in the comment box – even if it is yourself at Prom or someone on the red carpet! We look forward to reading your post!  - J

Well, Audrey Hepburn in herself is so memorable, but Hubert de Givenchy + Audrey Hepburn is unforgettable forever. Hubert de Givenchy designed this dress for Hepburn for Sabrina in 1954. I love the whole shape of the dress! The dress is so beautiful, and she is so beautiful. 

Well, most of you have probably never seen Hello, Dolly in 1969 with Barbra Streisand and Walter Matthau. Honestly, I am most likely featuring this dress, because Hello, Dolly is one of my favorite films. I love this glamorous dress for its intricate beading and the glitz. Little joke here (although partially serious!): I told my mom that if I could ever get my hands on this dress, I’d wear it to my wedding, and I’d incorporate songs from the film into the wedding, “Hello, Dolly” would be walking down the aisle, “It Only Takes a Moment” would be our first dance, and I’m sure I could fit all the other songs into appropriate times. It would be cheesy and hilarious, but I know I could do it classy and unforgettable – just like this dress. 

There are more beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet than there are fashion regrets on the red carpet, meaning that I pretty much love all evening dresses. However, when I first saw this dress on Anne Hathaway, I instantly loved it. She was so classy with her red lips and this slick white dress with its many sequins. She’s worn many gorgeous dresses, but this is definitely one of my favorites. 

Now, like I said, this article is about the most unforgettable dresses that I have seen, and this Escada dress is somewhat hard to explain why it is on my list for the most unforgettable dresses. I am going to guestimate that I was 10 years old when I started purchasing fashion magazines and in one of my first fashion magazines (guessing it was either InStyle or Vogue), I saw this Escada advertisement, and I will be honest, the advertisement isn’t a good representation of the dress. The top half is simple, but I’m not even sure all the ruffles are part of the dress – maybe she is just lying on the pink ruffled silk? Still, I have always remembered this dress, and I still love the color and the beauty of it. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hats off to Audrey!


The iconic Audrey Hepburn wore a vast collection of gorgeous hats throughout her life and career, and she pulled off even the most extreme hats in the most beautiful and graceful manner. Don't you think she looks gorgeous in all those photos from above? Such a glamorous and exquisite woman from beginning to end! 
But hats are not simply a fashion statement, but to maintain healthy skin, we need to protect our skin from the harmful sun rays! Luckily, designers have created a beautiful selection of hats to choose from, and I have chosen an assortment of the most noteworthy hats for the Spring/Summer of 2011, all under $100! - Jenny

I love feminine details, such as this huge bow featured on such a simple straw hat. In fact, I plan to take a trip to Nordstrom to buy this hat! I think I am in love! 
Nordstrom 'Side Bow - Large' Floppy Straw Hat in Natural, $48.

The midnight blue and white accents make this fedora such a beautiful hat! Perhaps, I like this hat, because I am reminded of a nautical color scheme. Sadly, I am not one of those who can pull of fedoras, but I definitely recommend this hat! 

Nordstrom Two Tone Straw Fedora in Mood Indigo, $29.

Oh, Kate Spade, you have done it again! This cheerful sun hat is so playful and adorable! 
Kate Spade New York "Hello Sunshine" Straw Hat, $95.

Have a hat that you love? Share a picture of the hat in a comment! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Urban Jungle

Diane von Furstenberg released her DVF Home Collection about a month ago.

I had thought that Diane von Furstenberg was simply releasing a bedding collection, but the esteemed designer released an entire home collection, including bedding and kitchen accessories. Her bright and colorful collection comes in many graphic designs on plates, duvets, etc.

As I have said in my blogpost "Spring Stripes," I believe her to be the Queen of Stripes, and I was surprised (and slightly disappointed) that her graphic black & white stripe wasn’t incorporated into a duvet, because I would have simply loved to see the vivid print paired with a colorful collection of pillows. While I do note, she features a black & white stripe rug in the promotional picture for her “Urban Jungle” bed collection, I fail to find where the rug is being sold! If you come across it, let me know! Again, I am missing her graphic black/white stripe print!

Other than that, DVF has combined bold prints and geometrical shapes into a very daring Home collection for the modern woman. 
- J
DIANE von FURSTENBERG "Miro Flowers" Dinnerware Collection, $18-$110
Note the unusual shapes paired with her bold print.

DIANE von FURSTENBERG "Gold Leaf Wood" 3 Piece Salad Set, $180
I love the touch of gold leaf in the earthy wooden salad bowl and serving utensils. 

DIANE von FURSTENBERG "Urban Jungle" Bedding, $79-$335. 
Like I said earlier, I love that black & white stripe rug, but I also love the "jungle" colors and the zebra duvet! 

Pictures from bloomingdales.com, for a direct link to DVF's home collection, click here.