Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mmmmm... accessories. Accessories spice up any outfit from a t-shirt with jeans to a black sheath dress. Own many accessories, but I believe that you should only have the accessory if you know you are going to wear it. Don't buy the headband with the peacock feathers for $60 if you have nothing to wear with it -- what a waste. If you aren't going to splurge on clothing, splurge on accessories. Accessories can add luxury to even a plain t-shirt.

Some accessories that I recommend:
- A boyfriend watch (Adds some heft and substance to jeans and a t-shirt)
- A pair of pearl or diamond earrings (Very classy for going out to dinner, to a play, to a museum, etc.)
- A beautiful brooch (You can add pizazz by hooking it on a long strand of pearls or simply pin it on a sweater.)
- A patterned or solid scarf (Cozy. I enjoy scarves that are a little more substantial so the material doesn't snag on anything if I throw it in my purse.)
- A well-made handbag (For sure, for sure!)
- A large statement ring (I have one that I bought for $14 at Nordstrom's, and holy moley(!), it adds so much glitz to outfits)
- Statement jewelry (Huge pendant, a large ring, noticeable earrings, anything that enhances an outfit.)

- J

Michael Kors Chronograph Watch, $250.
Ann Taylor LOFT Double Strand Rose Pearls and Gems with Ribbon Tie, Gift.
Nordstrom 68" White Faux Pearls, $58.
Nordstrom Bow with Ribbon Brooch, Gift. 
Nordstrom Tissue Weight Cashmere Scarf in Tapestry Teal, $98. 

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