Friday, January 14, 2011

Nordstrom's Tissue Weight Cashmere Wrap, $95

When I want to wear something every day (resist the temptation), I know that I wisely spent a good dollar on a luxury. There are few pieces that I treasure, and the Nordstrom's Tissue Weight Cashmere Wrap is one of the loves in my life. I purchased the scarf in Violet Jewel (shown above) about a year ago, but I recently purchased Tapestry Teal.
Living in California, scarves are not the ideal piece of clothing, but these wraps are so soft and light that I find myself wearing my scarves at least once a week -- which is pretty huge (I try not to wear the same thing twice in a two-week span; thank goodness I have two colors). I love throwing the cashmere scarf in my Billberry Longchamp and heading out. Kiss, Kiss - J

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© picture from Nordstrom's 

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