Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kate vs. Cady

I came home between two classes today for a lunch break, and in the mailbox, there was a surprise -- a Nordstrom's catalog for Spring 2011! Very exciting. So instead of doing homework before my next class, I flipped through the glossy pages to discover what I should buy next. (Sadly, I didn't see much. Well nothing that trumped my wishlist Louis Vuitton, and I am still saving.)
So I am flipping the pages, and I come across Cady! 

Okay. . . Cady wasn't in the magazine, but her outfit that she wore back during Christmas break was! I was with her, and I kept telling her how good she looked and that her outfit was so Kate Spade-ish. 
Glancing at the magazine, I look at the designer of the outfit, and it was Kate Spade! 

Surely, someone important saw Cady's outfit and was inspired to recreate a very expensive Kate Spade version. I am sure of it. 

Cady, do you remember the outfit that I am speaking of? However, you were wearing a beautiful green cardigan instead. 
I think you should take a picture of that outfit and compare it with the Kate Spade version! Prices, cuts, and all! 

Love, J

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