Sunday, March 27, 2011

Could she be any cuter? A look at Alexa Chung

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 Alexa Chung is without a doubt, one of my foremost fashion inspirations. Not only does she have the most fabulous wardrobe with a quirky chic/tomboyish/cheeky school girl bent, she's also a television host/model/British Vogue contributor. Not to mention the fact that she's dating Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys but her cool factor has definitely upped due to the fact that she has joined the ranks of it girls like Jane Birkin with an eponymous purse designed by Mulberry with her as inspiration and namesake. Also, I love her winged retro eyeliner and chopped, chin-length bob - let's face it: she's adorable. She makes style effortless, classy, but also playful in an elegant gamine way. In a recent question and answer session with The Guardian, she proves yet again why she's somebody to watch. Responding to a question of how she wanted to be remembered, Chung stated, "As someone who inspired women to dress for themselves." With the bevy of admirers that she has, her success professionally and her growing fame as a sartorial star, I think she's already accomplished that.  - C

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