Monday, March 7, 2011

Ithaca is STILL SNOWY - WHY?

Snow day this morning. It's the week before spring break, which equals lots of stress. In fact, as I write this, I am trying to avoid thinking about my two essays, loads of reading, and quiz that will basically embody my midterm grades (along with the two exams and quiz I took last week). But back to my thoughts about snow days - at first, I was enchanted by them. Then I realized that having a snow day actually inhibits my productivity - I sleep in, instead of doing homework or studying, which, if I had attended my 9 am class, wouldn't be the case because I'd be forced to be awake. Personally, I think I'm just bitter that most of my shoes are ruined by the double evils of snow and salt. Also, I'm slightly miffed that it's STILL SNOWING. It's now the month of March, which means that SPRING is on the way, right? Wrong. It's currently 18 degrees outside, and contrary to what my fellow students may believe - THIS IS NOT WARM. Let me reiterate my sentiment from before, once again - IT'S THE WEEK BEFORE SPRING BREAK. SO, WHY IS IT STILL SNOWING? Also, I've become - gasp - practical (read: boring) when it comes to my footwear. I find myself shuffling through snowdrifts wearing Uggs day after day - shoes that were once reserved for swim meets and casual dressing. I'm quite sure that if my mother read this right now, she'd feel very smug - she told me that I didn't need to bring every pair of shoes that I owned (which of course, I did and now regret - but don't tell her that.) And this is why people wish that all girls could be "California girls" - because California girls don't have snow days when they should be having spring weather AND their shoes aren't ruined with salt, which makes for very cheery dispositions, as opposed to disgruntled ladies living in upstate New York. Instead of being bundled up the way I am in the picture above, I'd much rather be wearing this dress right now:
But enough of my venting - what are your plans for spring break? And more importantly, what are you planning on wearing during it? - C

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