Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That's Haute! HiFashion Studios first annual fashion show at Ithaca College

My college's fashion-minded student organization, HiFashion Studios at Ithaca College hosted a fashion show this Monday and it was breathtakingly stunning and surprisingly professional. I had initially previewed it for the school newspaper, which made me want to check it out all the more. The night of the show, however, the lobby in front of the venue was packed - in fact, I was incredibly blessed to have gotten the last two VIP tickets for me and my friend John (who graciously played fashion photographer with his iphone). The VIP tickets were definitely worth the extra cost - we sat in the front row that was lining the criss-crossing runway (when I spoke to the creative director, Pedro Maldonado, he said that it was inspired by Prada's Fall 2010 NY Fashion week metro-inspired runway), and saw every model first as he or she started walking on the runway.

The show itself struck a nice balance between high fashion and pret a porter - after all, the audience was mostly college students. The theme of the show was "Strangers Into the Night", a nice play on word on the Sinatra's "Strangers In the Night"; however, the collections featured were clever interpretations of gender roles and constructions. Two of my favorite themes of the night were the 50's themed collection and the Androgyny themed collection - I could sense Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 in the former collection, as well as the understated elegance of Jil Sander, while the Androgny collection had Pierre Decarnin and Riccardo Tisci influences.

However, it was the student collections that blew me away. Designer Hayley Nickerson's outfit of plum harem pants paired with a sheer lace blouse that had puffed sleeves a la Dynasty was so gutsy chic that it would have even made the Man Repeller swoon. Bianca Lupi's art history inspired designs were structural and made me think of origami/Francisco Costa at Calvin Klein. However, it was Jane Wong's etheral gowns that took the cake - floaty, airy florals in sheer fabrics that rippled down the runway. Her designs are the ones featured in the photos above - truly gorgeous, completely feminine, but with quirky little touches, like a daringly low back or unexpected detailing on a plunging neckline.

All in all, it was a lovely show. Props to Pedro and the rest of the HiFashion executive board - I can't wait for next year's show! - C

P.S. You can read my coverage of the show for the Ithacan by clicking here


  1. Wow! That sounds amazing! And very well-written article, by the way.

  2. Aww, that was such a fun night! :) Can't wait for more fashion shows with Cady Lang!