Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Stripes!

I have always loved stripes, especially contrasting color combos, such as black and white, navy and cream, and true green and white. This spring, I have noticed that stripes are being used, and I love the lines that stripes create when incorporated in small and large pieces! Here are just a few pieces that I love with stripes!
I have an obsession with hair accessories; I am always searching for a new hair clip or headband that won't clash with my flaming red hair. In the Nordstrom March 2011 catalog, they featured this Cara skinny headband. I love the black and white headband but I think all the colors are so vibrant and so fabulous for Spring! 
Nordstrom: Cara Accessories Skinny-Bow Headband, $28.
I do not like rain, but if I bought this umbrella, I'd want it to rain all the time! I love the cherry red accents  on this graphic umbrella.
Kate Spade Umbrella, $75.
I love the lines that DVF uses in this retro-inspired swimwear! I have always associated great stripes with DVF; I truly believe that DVF uses stripes better than any other designer. She understands them, and she speaks their language. 
Diane von Furstenberg Maryelle Striped Swimwear, $125-$135. 


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